Concrete Retaining Walls

A retaining wall should not only serve a practical function; it should also suit the aesthetic of the property that it is placed on. Concrete offers durability, functionality, and decorative options for any property owner. If you would like to have a retaining wall installed on your property, you should get in touch with us today!

What are retaining walls? 
Retaining walls serve an incredibly important function on your property. Retaining walls offer a break in the natural state of the environment, by holding soil laterally and preventing it from shifting, moving, eroding, or falling onto an area, generally your property in residential settings. Retaining walls allow for more space on a property to be used while allowing as much of the natural state of the land to be left untouched.

Why choose concrete for a retaining wall? 
Concrete is fire-resistant, wear-resistant material that stands the test of time no matter what is thrown at it. It does not corrode easily and can be made bespoke to any need. Most concrete retaining walls are prefabricated for quick and easy installation, which makes concrete a cost-effective choice too! Do not be put off by the idea of a prefabricated retaining wall, however. You still have a ton of design options (if not more) than you do with any other material. Keep in mind that concrete can be stamped and dyed to replicate almost any other material. Want a wooden retaining wall but worried that it will corrode over a short period of time? Use a stamped, wood finish concrete prefab to get the look you want! With concrete, anything is possible!

Retaining walls installation & repairs
We offer both retaining wall installations and retaining wall repairs. Our installations are world-class and factor in every need for a retaining wall to guarantee longevity. Proper drainage, the correct angle of slope, accurate load-bearing calculations – we consider it all when we install your retaining wall so that you do not have to put any unnecessary thought into your retaining wall! Likewise, we strive for excellence with our repairs. We are able to work with most masonry retaining walls, including stone and brick and (of course) concrete! Not sure if your retaining wall needs repairs? Get in touch with us and allow us to come out and ascertain your needs.

Why use a professional?
It may be tempting to go to your closest hardware store, purchase a few prefabricated retaining wall blocks, and conduct the installation of your retaining wall yourself. While many successfully do this, more often than not, it is unsuccessful. We have been to countless properties where a DIY job has failed and requires repair. Unfortunately, retaining walls are more than simple blocks placed in front of a slope – they need proper drainage and should be built to withstand the load present – something a professional is trained to do! Besides the above, acquiring the tools can be costly and the work itself can be dangerous. If you are looking for a new retaining wall, get in touch with Bay Area Concrete Contractors!

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